From Poverty to Prosperity: 12 Poverty-Changing Ideas

1.   Fundamental Fairness
2.   Women And Children First
3.   The Jobs, Jobs, And More Jobs Plan
4.   Home Is Where The Heart Is: Homelessness Is A National           Tragedy
5.   Universal Food Delivery System
6.   Prisons & Mass Incarceration: Mass Incarceration Of                   Minorities Bankrupts The Country

  7.   Privatization Versus Public Investment:Transparency On             All Transfers Of Major Public Assets To Private Investors
  8.   The Fundamental Fairness Lobby
  9.   Equitable Progressive Tax Codes
10.   Recession Restitution Act
11.   Health Care Assurance: All Americans Must Have Access           To Quality Health Care And Medical Insurance
12.   White House Conference On The Eradication of Poverty

Taken from the book: The Rich & The Rest Of Us: A Poverty Manifesto by Tavis Smiley & Cornel West